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Code Less, Create Fast

Backroad re-imagines the process of creating web apps, requiring no frontend-experience, all with Node.JS!

npx degit sudomakes/trybackroad trybackroad
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File Uploads example
const [photo] = br.fileUpload({ label: 'Pick Image' }); if (photo) { br.write({ body: '# Greyscale image' }); const image = await; image.greyscale().getBase64(Jimp.AUTO, (err, res) => { br.image({ src: res, width: 600 }); }); }

A Quick Intro to Backroad

Hi, I'm Vaibhav, creator of Backroad 👋

Over the course of building several web apps with Node.JS over the years, a major pain point always was having to take tons of decisions regarding framework choices, styling libraries, choosing form elements, handling file uploads etc.

But over time I have realised that more than 80% of use cases can be achieved using a basic set of inputs and components. With backroad, you can focus on your core problem, without having to worry about writing css or defining api routes,. Backroad is here to help do away with all this complexity. Its so simple - you can learn it in 3 minutes!!

Youtube video:

Just Follow the Script


Just Follow the Script

Every time you change a value from the interface, backroad reruns the script from the beginning, so rendering a different UI is just a matter of an if statement, no complex rendering logic required. Backroad automatically takes care of only re-rendering the bits which change across runs 🏃‍♂️

Click on the switch on the phone to try it out!

const dogPerson = br.toggle({ defaultValue: true, label: 'Are you a Dog Person?', }); if (dogPerson) { br.write({ body: "Of course! They are man's best friend." }); br.image({src: ''}); } else { br.write({ body: 'Well, how about cats?' }); br.image({src: ''}); }

Of course! They are man's best friend.

Of course! They are man's best friend.
A Component for every scenario


A Component for every scenario

Backroad allows you to think of your components and containers like normal variables, allowing you to quickly and declaratively create UIs, without having to think about styling or rendering logic.

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const files = br.fileUpload(options)
Works With... Everything!


Works With... Everything!

Since backroad transpiles down to Node.JS, any package from npm should work. This allows you to quickly prototype while still getting to take advantage of the full Node.JS ecosystem should you want to, unlike other low-code tools


Hi 👋 I'm Vaibhav, the creator of backroad. You can follow me on twitter or linkedin to know about my other projects.